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Devil #5: Branding and Product-marketing

What do you do - really?

  • Do you sell drills or do you sell holes? Or do you explain why holes are necessary?
  • Can you explain your products and services to businesspeople? To Technicians? To the nabour?
  • Can you describe exactly why you are better than others?

Branding and product-marketing is about making a product and a company known - for the right things.

You do this by being

  • truthful
  • consistent
  • entertaining
  • everywhere
  • persistent

I have solid experience with

  • presentations at in-house seminars and meetings
  • presentations at partner seminars and meetings
  • presentations and booth staffing at symposiums
  • presentations directly to techincal and business customers
  • presentations in connection with bids and PoCs
  • presentations at staff meetings and as pure entertainment

Selected references

  • ”Full Monty” on BEA SOA architecture
  • Presentation material for NATO workshop
  • Booth at JAOO exhibition for ten years
  • Javagruppen
  • Presentations at eclipse.dk
  • Afternoon meeting series on objectorientation for partner employees