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Devil #2: Investigations

Where is the pain?

  • Do you run a system, that no-one understands and no-one dares make corrections to?
    Perhapsand in-house development with no developers, or a commercial system with an invisible vendor?
  • Do you have a system you are fed up with, but lack the overview to decide what to replace it with?

Overview is worth a lot of money. I can help, whether you need a very quick overview to handle an acute situation or a detailed and precise analysis of a complicated situation.

Typical tasks could be:
  • analysis and evaluation of the migration of older systems
  • analysis and evaluation of systems abandoned by vendors or developers
  • analysis and evaluation of the qualities of a present or potential new system
  • analysis and evaluation of the introduction of open source technology

Selected references

  • one-man tiger team solving project crisis for customer
  • part of tiger team solving performance crisis for customer
  • speedy analysis, design and code resque in connection with the dismissal of a developer of a critical system
  • analysis of the migration of a large, in-house developed administrative system based on homemade tools