Danish(DK)English (United Kingdom)
Devil #7: Documentation

Communigasjen are deffi... difig... def... - hard

  • Having difficulties getting the new systems described properly? The new Users Guide?
  • Lacking decent marketing- and sales-material for the sales force?
  • Even flogging will not induce developers and operations to produce documentation?
  • Fear losing knowledge stored in the top 8 inches of several of your colleagues?

Danish is my native tongue, and I strive to express myself fluently, varied, correct and entertaining in speach and in writing.

I have studied english since before I started in school (anyone still remember "Walter and Connie"?) and today I speak, read and write the language ideomatically.

I also speak, read and write some french and german.

Actually, I like to write - anything from formal bid answers to course material and code - and I have a reputation for being sharp at it.

In the office I was called "one of the top ten PowerPoints in Denmark". Perhaps my florid shirt style had an influence too. Today I prefer OpenOffice Impress, but the shirt style is the same.

I gladly volunteer to write documentation or to collect and edit a larger body of writings - whether in danish, english or Java. I also have a solid reputation for writing precise and understandable emails, which can be a big advantage in support-cases and other critical situations, where misunderstandings can cost a lot of time, money and bitten nails.

Selected references

  • Numerous textx, manuals, presentations and proofreadings for colleagues, customers and partners.
  • Standard-presentations, including the notorious "Full Monty" SOA presentation.
  • Presentation of Proof-Of-Concept results, see here.
  • Editor in charge of two-volume manual set.
  • Writer and editor of bid answer for public bid with demonstration.
  • Co-writer and editor of bid answers for a number of public and private bids in Denmark, Norway, Benelux and France.