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Devil #8: Teaching

If you have a hammer, all problems look like nails

I once used my dad's best wood chisel for a screwdriver - that was not very popular!

  • Do you have too many systems not very well utilised?
  • Are you aware, how little of your expensive tools you actually use?

This is why training is so important.

I have taught numerous courses, both formal and informal, in many topics, and is widely regarded as a competent and entertaining teacher.

Authentic quotes from evaluation forms:

“Jan was a great speaker”,   “... nice and competent person... ”,   “It was a great course... ”,   “Presenters – 10/10!”

I have taught customers - present as well as potential -, partners and colleagues.

I have also given a series of afternoon lectures for employees of two major partners, with topics to introduce new technologies such as object orientation, Java, J2EE, XML etc. The lecture series ran over six evenings and was well attended.

I also have solid experience introducing technical topics to management and business people.

Authentic quote from CIO of major production company after software strategy briefing:
“... you gave me so much to think about, that I forgot to take the proper exit on the freeway driving home...”

Selected references

  • Numerous courses for customers, partners and colleagues in topics such as BEA WebLogic Server, Tuxedo, Event Server, WebLogic Portal, AquaLogic Service Bus, AquaLogic BPM Server.