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Devil #4: Sales Support

Know your role

In a technical sales process it is very important that the sales rep and the technical specialist work closely together, and that they know each others role.

This is a work methodology I have solid experience with: how you work closely aligned with your sales reps and other colleagues to make technical products understandable and useful to potential customers.

I can help with:
  • collecting, organizing and interpreting the customers wishes and demands and answer their questions
  • presenting solutions and visions
  • answering formal bids - with partners or alone
  • instructing and mentoring customers, partners and colleagues
  • planning, executing and reporting on proof-of-concept projects
  • planning and executing kick-offs and reviews

- in general being a friendly, persistant and honest business partner for the custoimer and thus becoming the customers trusted advisor.

Selected references

  • Financial institution (major infrastructure sale)
  • Public institution (major infrastructure sale)
  • Logistics company (consolidation and strategic expansion of application platforms, portal platform)
  • Bank (major sale of application platform)
  • Pension company (major sale of applikation platform)
  • Telecommunication company (major sale of application platform, numerous extensions)
  • Telecommunication company (major sale of application platform)
  • SI Partner (a number of major sales of infrastructure and application platform)
  • Mortgage institution (major sale of application platform)
  • Logistics company (major sale of application platforms)