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Open Source

Open Source

In the last 3-4 years I have become very interested in Open Source, and followed closely how BEA Systems handled their OS commitment. Since then, I have gained some good experience in how the Open Source community works, and how you can take advantage of Open Source in your daily work.



We have about fifteen machines in the house, and run Ubuntu on fourteen of those. All Ubuntu-machines run Karmic Koala (9.10) or Lucid Lynx (10.4).


The Ubuntu Counter Project - user number #31377 Registered Linux User #511236



I have used Eclipse since BEA WebLogic Workshop moved from its original, proprietary platform; and today I used Eclipse practically every day.

In addition to the Java platform (JDT), I use a number of plugins:

EMF http://eclipse.org/modeling/
Xtext http://www.eclipse.org/Xtext/
Xpand http://www.eclipse.org/modeling/m2t/?project=xpand
XRay og Citylyzer
Texclipse http://texlipse.sourceforge.net/
JavaCC http://eclipse-javacc.sourceforge.net/
LeJOS for LEGO NXT http://lejos.sourceforge.net/
Metrics http://metrics.sourceforge.net/
PMD http://pmd.sf.net/
Findbugs http://findbugs.cs.umd.edu/
POVRay http://povclipse.sourceforge.net/
JAD http://jadclipse.sourceforge.net/
Java Decompiler http://java.decompiler.free.fr/


My website runs on Joomla, with Joom!Fish to manage the (so far) two languages I offer.


I have always loved libraries, and would have made an excellent librarian.

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