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Money Between Friends User Guide

Money Between Friends

User Guide v 1.0


Imagine you are on a weekend trip with some friends.

One of you paid the cottage in advance, another paid the gas to drive there.

One couple brought their small kid, and you agreed he should only pay half cost on meals and none of the rent.

The trip goes across the border, so some of the costs are in another currency.

Oh - and one of your friends work in a bank, so she brought cash for everyone.

Still with me? Can you keep track of these transactions, so that everyone gets to pay their fair share of the cost?

And what if one of your friends has to leave early, and so should not pay any share of the last evening meal?

What if another friend asks how much he owes so far?

This is where Money Between Friends helps you all!

This application will make it very easy to keep accurate account of who owes what, and the status by SMS and
full, detailed account by eMail will save you endless discussions afterwards.


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